10 sports that make your thighs look slimmer

For the best thighs

All hell breaks loose! With summer upon us, you’ve decided to put your good resolutions into action and start exercising! Your goal: to lose weight on your thighs! Because yes, you don’t like your thighs… Too flabby, too fat, not thin enough… it’s time to go on the attack phase to finally get those gazelle thighs you’ve been dreaming of!

To lose weight on your thighs, in addition to a varied diet, you will need to get moving and target your sport! Losing weight locally is not necessarily easy, you have to tackle your figure first and foremost! Especially if you have developed bad habits: sedentary lifestyle, tartiflette galore this winter … there is work to do! Here are the top 10 sports that will make your legs look good, your thighs firm and muscular! It’s up to you to choose, to practice only one of these 10 or to try them all for optimal efficiency! Just one piece of advice: once you’ve found the ideal sport, practice it regularly, as this is the sine qua non for lasting thigh slimming.


This is a must for slimming down your bottom. It helps you lose weight all over, but it also firms and tones your legs without making you look like a muscleman! What’s more, it oxygenates, promotes blood circulation and is good for your morale! All benefits.


An excellent way to work on your endurance and to tap into your fat reserves, so you can slim down your thighs. The ideal way, if you are just starting out and lack training, is to start with 10 to 20 minute sessions, then once you get the rhythm, push on to 30 minutes a day! This is the perfect time to shape your thighs and sculpt your muscles. You can even do it before going to work, or take advantage of your lunch break to go for a run and get some fresh air, especially if you have a park next door! As for equipment, choose good shoes for comfort and support and remember to take a bottle of water to keep hydrated.


You’re not much of a hare, and jogging doesn’t suit you? You’re more of a fish and you love to swim! Well, opt for swimming, a complete sport that is less demanding and rough than running! For good reason! In the water, your body becomes lighter and movements are easier to perform!  Swimming promotes relaxation, it relaxes while slimming your thighs and making cellulite disappear! A truly magical sport.
So if you want to become the new Laure Manaudou, choose the crawl and treat yourself (or have someone treat you) to fins. If you find swimming in the pool monotonous, you can opt for other water sports that slim down your thighs, such as aquagym or aqua-biking! And if you find yourself sweating, there’s plenty of water to cool you down.


This is a fun sport! You can do it indoors or outdoors, and it’s even more fun with the family. Cycling works both your thigh and calf muscles. You don’t need to have bulging calves! But if you cycle regularly and alternate between hills and flat terrain, you will see your thighs reshape and your figure change. And no more cellulite!

Jumping rope

Do you suddenly feel like becoming a child again? Discreetly steal your daughter’s skipping rope and do a series of jumps! And ask your daughter for advice! Do one jump after another, controlling your breathing and keeping the rhythm, you can complicate the exercises by crossing your legs, moving forward, doing a lunge! Ideal and practical: you can take your skipping rope anywhere! And by shaking your fat, you eliminate cellulite!

Step or stepper

Here again, it’s all about endurance! The stepper tones your muscles by linking up the steps. The up and down movement of your thighs contracts the muscle mass and slims your thighs! The result! You’ll look slimmer if you practice regularly.


A meditation technique, yoga allows you to perform exercises that make you aware of your body, through a system of energy and concentration. You work in a localised way thanks to targeted exercises, to reshape your figure.


If you are a dancer, used to pointe and other entrechats, then flamenco will undoubtedly seduce you. This dance, which smells of Latin rhythms, Spain and sensuality, has the particularity of quite skilful and rapid leg sequences! As a result, you will build up your thighs and gain in head carriage and elegance! Caliente! If you are a salsa fan, go for it! The key is to do intensive endurance sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours!


It’s not for nothing that the stars are getting into it! The method has proved itself! Pilates is a gentle method that aims to strengthen postural muscles, particularly the adductors. The principle? You will need to keep your heels together and your legs together at all times to avoid a flabby, flat inner thigh. Pilates will make you aware of your body, feel the muscles contracting, all with proper breathing.

Climbing stairs

Well, it’s a sport like any other! Instead of taking the lift, if you live in a flat, you have an ideal medium for training and for controlling your breath. Vary the exercises and increase the levels of difficulty by climbing several steps at a time! Your thighs will definitely get a workout!