Doing sport and Taking Revolyn Keto Burn to lose Weight

Losing weight is easier to say than to do! Which sport should you choose?
In what way, how often, for how long? There are many questions to ask and they scare many people. Here is our advice on how to lose weight by doing sport.

Losing Weight, a matter of Balance

It is often said that in order to lose weight, you need to practice regular physical activity. However, even if sport is essential for weight loss, it is not enough to get rid of excess weight quickly. It must be combined, not with a diet, but with a balanced diet for it to be truly effective. In the same way, this rebalancing alone is not enough to lose weight; it must be combined with the practice of sport.

If you want to lose a few kilos, you must change the way you eat by reducing your calorie intake and increasing your energy expenditure. It’s all about balance. It’s not a question of depriving yourself, but of varying your diet and moderating it to maintain a healthy lifestyle. No more sodas, sweets and other sweets, favour fruit, vegetables, dairy products… Sport must be seen as a complement to this change in eating habits.

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Associate Sport with Weigth Loss

First of all, you should know that losing weight is not the same thing as slimming down. Indeed, slimming can mean slimming down, toning up your figure but not necessarily reducing the number of kilos on the scales. Cardio activities (running, cycling, swimming, etc.) require a lot of energy and melt fat, whereas muscular activities (body training) make you gain muscle, which is heavier than fat!

In any case, you can lose weight by building muscle because the more muscle mass you have, the higher your basic metabolism and the more energy you burn, and therefore calories. In short, being muscular allows you to burn more calories!

From an energy point of view, one hour of running, cycling or swimming burns 400 to 600 calories but one kilo of body fat corresponds to 8000 calories! When you know that walking one kilometre loses about 65 calories, you need to walk 4.6 km per day to lose one kilo in one month… Similarly, running at 8 km/h burns about 80 calories per km, so you need to run at this pace for 12.5 hours to lose one kilo! This means that you need to be motivated and practice regularly to lose weight…

If you have not been physically active for a long time, start exercising gradually. Gradually increase the time and intensity of your exercise, without hurting yourself. Choose an endurance pace, i.e. 60 to 75% of your maximum heart rate. If you are very overweight, avoid doing any sport that requires you to carry your own weight, preferring cycling, swimming or rowing.

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Sports to do to Lose Weight

To lose weight, you need to choose an activity that will burn calories but reduce your body fat. Some sports are more effective than others in this respect. For this purpose, sports that work the cardio are excellent. They can be combined with strength training to tone the body.

The 7 sports that burn the most calories are
– jumping rope: 725 kcal/h, 10 to 15 minutes, 4 times a week
– running: 500 to 1000 kcal/h, 45 minutes, twice a week
– rowing: 625 kcal/h, 50 minutes, twice a week
– cycling: 600 kcal/h, 90 minutes twice a week or 20 minutes a day
– aerobics: 500 kcal/h, 45 minutes, twice a week
– water aerobics: 400 kcal/hr, 45 minutes, twice a week
– walking: 300 kcal/h, 20 minutes a day.

Of all these sports, running is the best. Ideally, you should run on an empty stomach to allow your body to use fat directly. This practice is also motivating since it requires you to lose weight to make progress. To run better, you need to be light and therefore lose weight!

Finally, if, during your weight loss phase, you lose motivation, think of the beneficial effects that sport has on your body and your health, beyond weight loss!

And if you cannot keep on doing sports for a while, just keeping on taking Revolyn Keto Burn!

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