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For around 98% of all 50-60-year-old men, sexuality means the “spice of life”. Among men between 70 and 80 years of age, just under 70% still think that sexuality is very important. Thus, potency also plays a key role among the older age groups. For this reason, there is hardly any other topic that men’s self-confidence as much as erectile dysfunction. If potency problems occur repeatedly, it is called erectile dysfunction (ED). In Germany alone, up to 6 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Men over 40 are increasingly affected.

Already from the age of 20, but at the latest when growth is complete, the aging process begins. From a urological point of view, men between the ages of between the ages of 30 and 40. At this age, the first potency disorders can also begin. In the 50-plus generation, around one in two or third man is affected by declining potency. Erections diminish and the penis is no longer as stiff as it used to be. In addition, ejaculation can be repeated less repeated less often, as the erectile tissue no longer thickens as easily. Often it requires additional aids such as natural potency pills or a stronger, more intense and longer stimulation to get a full erection.

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Definition – What is impotence?

Impotence, also erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction, refers to the inability to get an erection or to maintain it over a longer period of time. There is no unanimous opinion as to when one can speak of impotence or erectile dysfunction in the medical sense. According to Dr. Oliver Gralla, this is only the case after more than two months without satisfactory sexual intercourse. Other doctors are of the opinion that a permanent erectile dysfunction can be diagnosed after six months at the earliest. And only if, in the majority of attempts, the penis does not get hard or becomes prematurely flaccid. If it happens only once in a while that the penis is flaccid or does not become hard properly, this is not yet impotence.

Non-invasive Treatment Methods

Lifestyle change

Even before the onset of erectile dysfunction, men should think about changing their lifestyle habits. If this is started too late, an improvement in symptoms can only be expected in 30 percent of all cases. of all cases an improvement of the symptoms can be expected. However, a change in lifestyle is recommended to all patients with erectile dysfunction, as it increases the effectiveness of the medication is increased and the prognosis of diseases of the cardiovascular system is thus improved.

Therapy of testosterone deficiency (senile hypogonadism)

In case of erectile dysfunction, therapy of testosterone deficiency (age hypogonadism) can also be performed by additional administration of testosterone in the form of gel, Deo or intramuscular injections can help.

Drug Treatment Methods

Drug therapy with PDE 5 inhibitors has greatly simplified the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Success rates are 70 to 75 percent (successfully completed coitus attempts). Here, sildenafil, vardenafil and tadalafil are among the possible preparations.

Vacuum Therapy

In vacuum therapy, a plastic cylinder is placed over the penis and sealed. By creating a vacuum with the help of a hand pump, the erectile tissue is filled with the erection of the penis by passively filling the corpus cavernosum with blood.

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